Defense of Cormyr

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Look, I don’t care okay? I just dont.

Honey, I

Don’t “honey” me! You’ve been honeying me your whole goddamn

Oh you know you should shut it. You think you know a thing or two about me

Know? I’m your wife! I know your whole shit for brains world

You think its been easy

You think? Nine to ten! Nine to ten every day for your sorry ass. And when I come home I get

This? I cooked for you. You call it “this”?

Yes! You never cared about me and this thing is filled with your hotsauce

You couldn’t try a little of it?

Are you kidding me? You know I can’t eat spicy, you know that. You do this all the time. I made it for you, honey. Here, I cooked this shit for myself

It’s not shit!

For myself! and now I’m going to eat it. Gimme a medal, honey! We’ve had this before. You do it a lot you know? Come back here!

I can’t stay in the room when you’re like this…

Let her do them, just run away, that’s it, big man.

You expect me to do the dishes when you’re yelling at me?

I’M NOT YELLING! I’m not yelling! i’m not yelling and those dishes need to be done. I’ve been looking at that smeared rice and beans since I got here. I don’t eat that. You’re the only one who does. It’s your dish, and you’re cleaning it.

I’m exhasted…

You exhasted? The rottewiler has been giving me

I don’t want to hear about your rottwiler.

I don’t want to hear about your cooking! You think I care about your stupid life! Huh!

Guys, give it a break, I’m trying to

You tell your father that.

I’m sitting here

You tell your father that he can’t wash one goddamn rice and beans off a dish. You cook all day you should be able to do that. And he hasn’t Ha! he hasn’t been cooking all day I can tell you that.

I’m not saying anything

Dad, just do the dishes, cmon

No, no! I’m not going to let your mother take advantage of me like this. Since when have I become your cleaning man! Just go do your homework

Dear, just go up and do your homework

I’ve been trying! That’s why I came down! You fuckers better shut up! Dad!

Do your homework, son. Don’t make me get up.

Don’t talk to my son that way! Dear, you know I’m going to end up doing them like I do every time. You know that.

Mom, cmon, you never do the dishes.


What do you mean “what”? What do you think? Do you even remembProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0

the last time you did them, honey?

I….. I can’t believe you guys are doing this to me.

Mom, come on.

I… no …. why? Why are you always on your father’s side? What am I to you? I give you rides, I do your laundry….

Mom, I do my own laundry

Ha! When did you get to be so spoiled?

Oh…. fuck you! Fuck you! You know that? Just fuck you.

Don’t talk to your mother that way.

I’m not spoiled all right! You’re not even thinking. Who paid electricity last month? Huh? Little purple man in the sky? I did it.

Okay, we all appreciate what you’ve done. Now go and do your homework. Nobody is angry.

Okay, gimme a moment so I can do the dishes.

No! You’re not doing your father’s dishes again! Why did you make him do the dishes you drone!

I haven’t told him to do anything

You… I swear.


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